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Your website is onbly the tip of the iceberg: Media preparation - planning education - communication processes connecting with the internal IT - industry 4.0 - ...

Fox NewMedia realises demanding and innovative media publications online (Web) and offline (CD-ROM, DVD) for the purpose of company re-presentation, e-learning, or product communication.

Recent Projects


Website implementation und support for communication in various areas, member and contract management.

Hartmann Metalle

W. Hartmann & Co. (GmbH & Co. KG) is a company with a long tradition located in Hamburg, Germany. It focusses on trading with various kinds of metals and also has a shop withs tools for professional craftsman.

Augenfarben Rechner

"What Color Eyes will your Children Have?" This question can be answered to a certain extend and with scientific foundation.

Novelis Bilddatenbank

Web-based image and media database for external communication and internal document management