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Fox NewMedia realises demanding and innovative media publications online (Web) and offline (CD-ROM, DVD) for the purpose of company re-presentation, e-learning, or product communication.

Recent Projects

Krankenhaus Intranet

Auf der technischen und gestaltungsmäßigen Grundlage der öffentlichen Website des Krankenhauses wurde das Intranet mit erweiterten Funktionalitäten auch im internen Netz umgesetzt.


Website implementation und support for communication in various areas, member and contract management.

Hartmann Metalle

W. Hartmann & Co. (GmbH & Co. KG) is a company with a long tradition located in Hamburg, Germany. It focusses on trading with various kinds of metals and also has a shop withs tools for professional craftsman.

Novelis Bilddatenbank

Web-based image and media database for external communication and internal document management