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A focus of Fox NewMedia's portfolio is the realisation of especially attractive and clear media (CD ROM, internet, video) with interactive visual elements for product communication for pharma communication and the communication of complex health technology products.

New and complicated medical developments require effective means of communication displaying the innovative potential in a clear and impressive way. The intelligent and target oriented use of New Media has a profitable impact in product communication and patient information.
  • Inform the doctor effectively and goal orientated giving a medical scientific background, e.g. about physiology, pathology, pathogenesis, diagnostics and therapy
  • Communicate the message of a product visually in a effective way and demonstrate products that require explanation in a clear fashion
  • "Ennoble" your medical knowledge. The link-up with events and congresses (symposia) allows you to generate a digital added value simultaneously providing a communicative effect
  • Offer the patient more than long texts about their illness
Using what? For example:
  • Medical-scientific CD ROMs
  • Corporate web sites
  • Disease portals
  • Patient information systems
  • Interactive presentations from congresses/symposia ("lecture browser")
  • 2D/3D visualisation
  • Interviews with experts
  • Reporting of studies
  • Terminals on trade fairs (product information, quiz)
  • Road show installations
Clinical relevance of rHu-erythropoietin treatment in haematology and oncology. Current clinical information, literature, expert interview, challenging quiz (Who becomes an "Eryponaire") as well as satellite symposia related to the topic.