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The production of multimedia information systems for eLearning within the health sector is a main focus of Fox NewMedia.

The main challenge in the production of digital eLearning contents in Medicine is to utilise the multimedia added value - made possible by the new techniques of presentation and interaction - in comparison to the traditional print and film media and to realise presentations that are effective and facilitate understanding.

A special competence of Fox NewMedia is the conception and realisation of Rich Media Assets, that use the elements of interaction, animation, and simulation in order to generate learning experiences that facilitate easy understanding. This can be accomplished, for example, in medical teaching programs on CD ROM or DVD, in web based tutorials (WBT), online courses etc.
  • Training material for the pharmaceutical sales force, hospital reps etc.
  • Advanced or continuous education with regard to medical topics
  • Course systems for health technology staff
  • Interactive manuals for products requiring explanation
  • Illustrated technological hand books (cross media, use online & print)
  • Clear media for patient information

Active participation in the advancement of the eLearning platform ZOPE/ZMS eLearning components as Open Source CMS for the realisation of XML conform medical contents and SCORM compatible eLearning courses allows us to offer our clients an efficient and cost effective technological solution for the production/migration and the hosting of courses.