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Multimedia content management is the conglomeration of methods and techniques to easily and efficiently produce and publish medical knowledge, allowing for easy production and actualisation and ensuring the reusability and sustainability of the contents.

Content management basically aims at optimising web based publishing processes, leaving you to concentrate on the content production. Structurisation, standardisation (XML) and the consequent separation of content and design are some of the concepts that

  • allow easy and efficient management of document even of a large number of complex medial contents (avoidance of "data cemeteries"),
  • assure the conservation of the contents' value by allowing for simple re-design and multiple use (multi-lingual publishing),
  • support quality assurance in the publication of sensitive medical data using step-by-step content release,
  • allow cross-media publishing, i.e. starting from a single data source contents for the target media print, CD ROM, and Internet can virtually be generated at the press of a button.

Rich Media Assets and multimedial data formats are an additional challenge for the publishing process, Rich Data Management is the task that a CMS has to cope with. Current design oriented tools such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage are not suitable to publish and control large amounts of data. The use of commercial CM-systems such as Teamsite or PiroBase usually carries high initial investments/licence fees. An excellent alternative presents the content management system ZMS which has been designed and evaluated especially for the requirements in the field of medicine and which is available free of charge as an open source software product for small and medium sized businesses in the health sector.

Together with partners from medvalue.net network we realise tailored systems that live up to today's requirements for a medical website.

  • Conceptual and methodical consulting, "Roll-Outs", InHouse training, Coaching
  • Content production, especially "Multimedia" content management
  • Migration of existing systems to CM technology on a XML basis
  • Technical support, i.e. realisation of design and layout (template customising) taking individual requirements into account (programming of special objects)
The result is a web based publishing solution under the client's complete control that requires "agency" as much as necessary and as little as possible.