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In a pilot project in cooperation with Leipzig University a novel course in echocardiography is realised which is half online, i.e. can be completed on the computer at home. The medical contents comply with the guidelines for echocardiography training according to DEGUM, BDI, or KV.

EchoVisum uses interactive 3D graphics, simulation and Virtual Reality (VR) to depict special faculties such as spatial sense, visual perception and manual dexterity for the positioning of the planes and the measurements. Thus EchoVisum bridges the gap between traditional teaching methods (ex-cathedra teaching, textbook reading) and practical experience, allowing a hands-on access to echocardiography.

  • Media: Online
  • Field: Medizin
  • Medical Author(s): Prof. Dr. A. Hagendorff
  • Partners: MIFO, Universit├Ąt Leipzig
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