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For more than 10 years Dr Thorsten Fox has conceived and realised information systems and CBT/WBT applications with interactive media and 3D visualisation, specifically in medicine. As a co-founder and managing director he built up the company ENTEC GmbH as a GMD SpinOff. His main expertise combines established technological knowledge with media didactic competence in Medicine and Pharmaceutics.

Dr. Thorsten Fox
Thorsten Fox Dr. rer. nat. Computer scientist (Diplominformatiker)
Short CV Studies of informatics and psychology at Bonn university. Work as a student at GMD (Research Centre Information Technology GmbH) in St Augustin, research in the area of man-machine communication. Realisation of multimedial learning programmes for office software (MS-Excel). Diploma thesis on the conception, realisation and evaluation of a multimedial 3D tutoring system in the field of medicine (published as CD ROM "EchoExplorer" at Urban & Fischer). Freelance work as a multimedia designer (video & CD ROM production). 1996 Founding of ENTEC GmbH. Dissertation on "Designing of animated 3D graphical scenes for an effective communication of spatial-dynamic information". 2002 Founding of Fox NewMedia.
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