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Following a longstanding co-operation in various projects a network of different partner companies and freelancers has evolved as a basis for the realisation of customised media services and projects. Fox NewMedia is the head of a virtual media agency with scalable production capacity and demand oriented competence in media, medicine and publication, using e.g. internet based collaboration tools (BSCW).

HOFFMANN + REIF Consultancy

International experts in the field of ICT based Human Resources Development, educational Change Management and Organisational Development


AL°L 2.0GmbH

Classical advertisment agency with top references in the pharmaceutical sector.


arsdigital media services

Excellent 3d graphics and animation in medicine, architecture, and manufacturing


Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology

Highly innovative projects in medicine and biotechnology including research.


... and many freelance designers, 3D graphic designer, doctors, and software developers.

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