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Lecture by Dr Thorsten Fox at the LEARNTEC Medicine 2003 on the topic: Do New Media help to teach or learn medicine efficiently?


LEARNTEC 2003 Medicine
Section X
February 7th, 2003



Added value and increased costs- Do New Media help to teach or learn medicine efficiently?


The use of new media in computer based learning is discussed controversially. The lecture focuses on the efficiency of these learning processes with special regards to business administration in the production of the teaching materials.

To begin with the rather imprecise term "New media" is illustrated by presenting several Rich Media Assets, i.e. explorable 2D and 3D graphic information scenarios. It is discussed briefly how medical teaching contents and pharmacological information might be presented more clearly and more appropriately allowing a more effective and motivated learning.

Here special aspects/problems, expense factors, trends of development in production and publication of these contents are discussed which allow a rough estimate of costs and benefits now and in the future.

As a perspective the concept of "Learning Objects Economy" is introduced which based on a standardisation (XML/SCORM) installs utilisation models and business cases in medical eLearning.

Key factors for the efficient production of medical eLearning courses: download charts ... More